Müge Karasahin

Müge Karasahin

As a Director of Sustainability at Ethos Engineering, Müge’s role is to lead the team to develop and deliver the best building sustainability & wellness solutions to clients, incorporating the most up to date initiatives and industry standards.

Starting her career as an architect and becoming an accredited professional in green & healthy building certification systems, Müge has over 10 years of experience the construction industry, specializing in sustainable design and wellness rating systems. 

She is a WELL Faculty, a LEED AP (BD&C, ID&C) and SmartScore AP. She is highly proficient in green building rating systems and has comprehensive knowledge of current and emerging sustainability trends and smart technologies that verifies sustainability and human health & wellness targets through proven data. The breadth of her experience spans the commercial, residential and hospitality on international high-profile projects. Over the last 5 years, she has been participating in the Irish Construction Industry and international training events, sharing her experience and knowledge.

Müge was awarded two WELL AP awards (2019, 2021) for her commitment to excellence and the outstanding leadership she has shown on behalf of International WELL Building Institute. She was also the leading WELL AP for Ethos Engineering’s globally first WELL Performance Rating achievement.

She’s truly fascinated about the relationships of our built environment and our health and well-being. She passionate about life-long learning, and she stays abreast of the latest scientific research and articles, learning and re-learning about air quality, circadian rhythm, biophilia, behavioural psychology and technologies such as AI and smart building management systems. 

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